Babylon.js demo virtual clothing tester

Babylon.js demo virtual clothing tester, by Jorge Gascon Perez

Preview Video:

This little demo, done entirely in Babylon.js, simulates a virtual clothing tester. Shows how to make a simple Babylon.js app in which is very easy to change the dress of a model.

The model was entirely made in Blender (modelling + texturing), and exported to gltf, that is the native format of Babylon.js.

Live Demo:
Click here or in the image below (it takes some seconds to load).

Babylon.js Demo of change dresses

Download the complete source code at:


  1. In the demo, click on a part of the woman (head, chest, arms, skirt) and it will be selected, click it again to deselect it.

  2. Drag one of the images below to the selected parts model, they will be re-dressed.

  3. For comments and questions, please contact me to the email address of below.

See you in the next post!

About Jorge Gascon Perez:

Jorge Gascon Perez is a software engineer and 3D modeller who works as remote programmer in projects related with 3D Web, WebGL, cloud computing, high escalability, 3D graphics, Virtual Reality and video games.

  • I had the privilege of publish some papers in Siggraph SCA international conference. Please visit my Publications web page for more details.

  • Designer and Founder of Mus 3D, game of reference of Mus, a popular Spanish game of cards (77K monthly users and increasing).

  • He is a developer that employes cutting-edge approaches of high scalability and performance, like Data Oriented Architecture (DOA) , employed in VFX suites, like SideFx's Houdini.

  • Jorge has worked speeding-up processes and pipelines, also in feature-film studios, like Wonder Park, for Paramount Pictures.

  • He also is an expert in Web technologies, as HTTP & Websockets Protocols, HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Contact Email:   jorge.gascon.perez[at]

Jorge Gascon Perez

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