Wonder Park Released!

Wonder Park Released

Today I am especially happy (15th of March 2019), because Wonder Park, the film where I was working as a programmer and Visual Effects Technical Director (Junior) has been released!

It's exciting to watch the complete piece, because while I am watching the film, I can recognize the effects done by my teammates or by me.

Most of the work I did is almost invisible (the visual effects I performed are noticeable only during 1-2 seconds of the footage). Most of my contribution is software, tools, plugins and scripts. Anyway, I feel very proud because the tools I coded are still being used in the studio for current projects (and I hope they will be useful during many years in the future).

This is the first trailer that was released, you can see the technical quality, all of it performed entirely in a Spanish animation studio, Ilion.

Nice characters, aren't they?

Jorge Gascon Perez in Wonder Park Credits

An emotional moment: when you read the entire credits looking for your name and it finally appears! WOW!

Now I have a bittersweet feeling, during last years Wonder Park (previously called "Amusement Park") was like a little child for us. Now, this child has grown up and lifted up the flight, leaving us alone.

It is time to look for new adventures!

Jorge Gascon Perez

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